Andrea Anjarí won enduro race

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Last weekend Andrea Anjarí, ROTWILD rider at the Full Downhill Team, competed in her first enduro race. Curious about new challenges Andrea, who is well-known in the Chilean downhill scene, did a fabulous job and won her first enduro race. 

Although she has little experience in uphill riding she managed all climbs on time and took advantage of her downhill experience. The three timed special stages were of high technical demand and shaped by the feared and so called Chilean anti-grip. Nevertheless they were diversified and flowy. Finally Andrea overtook all competitors in her category and was able to reach the first place on the podium - with an advantage of two minutes compared to the second place. 

After arriving at the finish line Andrea was very happy because she could stand the huge physical stress.  She was so astonished about her R.X1 FS and said overwhelming:"It is unbelievable what this bike is capable of. It felt like a mini downhiller. The geometry, the agility, the outstanding XMS chassis and the brakes, I really have to say I´m in love with this bike". Well, it seems that Andrea will probably be seen also on other tracks than the downhill tracks. 

Another event took place on the past weekend as well. Mariela Scott the Chilean three times XC champion has been officially welcomed as the new ROTWILD ambassador to the Chilean ROTWILD Team. She will compete in the XCO and XCM disciplines. Welcome to the TEAM Mariela!

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