Andrea Anjarí wins DH race in Los Andes

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Andrea Anjarí from team ROTWILD Chile went to Los Andes past weekend, some 60 km north of Santiago to compete with her ROTWILD R.G1 FS at the third date of a new race series that started in Chile.

On Sunday there were some more training runs during the morning before qualifying runs started. On her qualifying run Andrea was still fortunate because it was still dry but this changed drastically when she had her final run.

Shortly after crossing the finish line and after a short recovery pause she commented: “That was a weird race. During my qualifying run I still had acceptable weather and track conditions but starting my final run rain interfered. The track totally changed. Pots, slippery stones and rocks and mud asked for our complete attention on track. But somehow I managed to get even faster on my final run compared to the qualifying run. Almost 1 minute, which finally got me on the top of the podium in the women elite category. Now I have to prepare myself for the next national series race in Polpaico.”

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