Andrea Anjarí at the Master of Time in Petorca

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In the approximately 180 kilometers north of Santiago located small town of Petorca the UCI Class C race Master of Time was held. Once again in the starting line-up was Andrea Anjarí from the Team ROTWILD.

As usual, Saturday was training day. The weather was perfect to learn the new jumps as well as the rock gardens at the beginning of the runway. Practice went awesome and Andrea felt secure on the track.  

On Sunday, the qualifying runs started at cloudy but pleasant conditions and Andrea got a good base with a time of 2:16, waiting for her final run. She was visibly nervous when her start approached, because she wanted to lower the time.

After the race, Andrea said: "I was totally nervous because I wanted to push it even further. I made many mistakes and a crash, which cost me a lot of time set me back at the end to the third place in the Women's Elite category and 4th place in the overall standings. Now, I know that I wanted to push it too hard, and therefore I committed a lot of mistakes. With this knowledge, I turn over the page and fully concentrate myself on the next race. “

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