4 tips for careful handling of your E-MTB

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E-MTBs are technically sophisticated sports equipment that you will want to enjoy for a particularly long time. If you follow these four simple tips, you will avoid technical problems and at the same time improve the performance of your E-MTB.

1. Battery Check

If the e-drive or the display is not working smoothly, the problem is often caused by dirty contacts between the battery and the multilever. Before inserting the battery, always check the contacts on the battery and wheel for dirt and clean them if necessary. Low pedal-assistance at all levels and low battery indicator are clear signs of possible contamination/corrosion of the connection.  To avoid corrosion at the contact points, set the charging socket’s cover to the "park position" after cleaning and dry the contact points carefully.

The ROTWILD EMTBs have a "parking position" for the charging socket cap. Only replace the cap after cleaning when the charging socket is completely dry. This prevents corrosion.

2. Check tyre pressure before every journey

Riding with too much air pressure makes life unnecessarily difficult. In addition to the safe grip that only a tyre with the correct air pressure can provide, a tyre that is too full loses its shock-absorbing properties. Traction is lost as well. If the air pressure is too high, the tyre has a very small contact area and is not able to adapt to the ground along with the chassis. A tyre that is too hard is quicker to skid when braking and much quicker to spin when cycling uphill. It has also been proven in various tests that a lower tyre pressure significantly increases the range of E-MTBs in off-road use. That’s because the right air pressure means the rear wheel will not spin, so the power transmission is much more efficient. Tyre pressure above 2.5 bar is not recommended for E-MTBs, as this is detrimental to performance and safety. Therefore, check the correct tyre pressure with an air pump (with pressure indicator) before every ride. If you convert to tubeless tyres, you can ride with less tyre pressure and thus improve traction even more.

The right air pressure has a direct positive effect on the grip and rolling behavior of the tire. If you convert to tubeless, you can ride with less pressure. A check is quick with a digital pressure gauge.

3. Changing gears correctly

There is a very simple rule for using the gears on E-MTBs: "Right before left". In practice, this means first shifting to a lower gear on the right before increasing the assist level on the left. This way, the cadence and pedal-assistance always remain in the optimal range. At the same time, the loads on the chain, rear derailleur and motor are as low as possible and the entire drive is protected. Avoiding shifting gears under full pedal load as much as possible also helps with this.

The high transmission range of EMTBs should also be used. Therefore: Right before left. So first change the gears, then the support levels.

4. Clean and oil the chain regularly

It may sound trivial, but a clean and well-oiled chain is essential for smooth gear shifting. Moreover, a smooth-running chain increases the range and minimises wear. So after each ride, wipe the chain with a cloth, apply chain oil, shift through all gears and wipe off excess oil.

On the chain are high loads, especially with the EMTB. After each ride, the chain has earned some care. This increases the service life and ensures better shifting.

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