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Many thanks to all of the attendees of #DesignYourROTWILD for their first-class ideas, dynamic energy, strong nerves, enormous perseverance and excellent support!

You have demonstrated what ROTWILD stands for and supported us to increase our brand awareness. Thank you!

Here are a few numbers of #DesignYourROTWILD (as of February 28, 2016), which help to illustrate the coverage ...

  • 103 submitted drafts
  • 68.809 individuals reached via our ROTWILD newsletter, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • 1.811 Likes via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

We are going to contact the participants receiving the highest number of votes now. The winning entries will be published on March 3, 2016.

Congratulations to the winners of #DesignYourROTWILD!

1. Place: "Line Series Ergon Red" by Emrah Ozbay

Emrah Ozbay explains his idea: "This is my favorite Rotwild color, too. This comes from the 2013 G series, this is the most perfect color i think =). Mostly colorfull but ı used matte black. I hope u will enjoy."

Line Series Ergon Red

2. Place: "Big Logo" by Giovanni Lotti

Giovanni Lotti describes his approach: “I used the colors of the logo to design my frame: black, white and red; the Rotwild logo is divided between top and down tube while on the seat tube I placed the logo followed by the slogan: German Cycling Device”

Big Logo

3. Place: "Grün, das ist schön" by Patricia Becker

Patricia Becker about her artwork: "Verwendung von mettaliceffekt Farben u.a. olivegrün. Das Logo in weiss von den Seiten und von hinten am Sattelrohr. Weitere Schriftzüge ließt eh kein Mensch. Die Sattelklemme rot eloxiert fertig."

Grün, das ist schön

Results #DesignYourROTWILD

Line Series Ergon Red: 39.43%

Big Logo: 38.31%

Green is beautiful - colour variation: 13.46%

Hommage "Back to the Good": 5.66%

Candy Series: 1.15%

Raw II: 0.79%

R.C1 "Section" Frame Design: 0.55%

Red Ribbon: 0.48%

Some Green: 0.17%

Does not longer participate in the competition at the designer's request - A 4.16 Anniversary TTR blk

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