In the course of the development of the R.X750 Big Mountain Bike, designer Lutz Scheffer has climbed over 250,000 meters of altitude in a wide variety of terrain. His goal was to find out how much battery capacity he needs on average on his alpine mountain bike adventures. After evaluating the numerous test rides, the average consumption was 750 Wh. This clearly defined the performance requirements for the new battery.

In order to meet these requirements, the new IPU750 incorporates the highest performance cell technology of type 21700. The new battery cells offer over 60 percent more capacity than the 18650 cells currently widely used in e-bike batteries. Equipped with more active material and stronger conductors, cells in the 21700 format therefore deliver significantly more energy. Due to the higher energy capacity, the cell is subject to fewer charging cycles and also generates less heat, which in turn leads to a longer service life.

The advantages of the new cell technology include a significantly longer service life, shorter charging times and, in particular, the compact design. The 40 cells used in the IPU750 are housed in a high-quality, anodized aluminum housing for optimum protection. In addition to the total weight of approx. 3.7 kg, the small dimensions of 417 mm length and 104 mm width also have an effect on the space-saving accommodation of the battery. The result is an unrivalled, powerful energy storage unit with a capacity of 750 Wh.

Starting from the model year 2021 ROTWILD offers in the PRO and ULTRA models of the R.750 bikes the IPU750 CARBON, which provides for a further weight reduction by a complex, handmade housing from carbon fiber.

For easy handling, the semi-integrated battery can be quickly and easily installed and removed in the compact carbon hollow chamber down tube construction by means of a Quick Lock quick release. A screw lock available as an accessory reliably secures the IPU against theft.

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