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Both ROTWILD R.T+ PRO and CORE models extend the area of application of electric bikes and forge a bridge between road and off-road use. They are designed as sporty trekking bikes and are therefore more versatile than pure mountain bikes. As true crossover bikes they are above all one thing: premium electric bikes with state of the art technology.

Both models are based on the redeveloped hydroforming aluminium frame with integrated power unit. While the CORE model has a 518 Wh completely integrated power supply, the R.T+ PRO’s 648 Wh power supply unit can be removed quickly and easily.

The bikes’ long distance qualities are especially revealed off paved roads and on trails. Consistently equipped with components optimised for eMBTs and thanks to the very low overall weight, the bikes have a sporty, agile character. The compact, integrated seating position combined with 29” wheels gives a real mountain bike feeling. The Brose Drive S motor provides powerful and seamless support in all situations. For mountain bikers on the trails the Brose freewheel technology is particularly advantageous: the motor and gears decouple completely above the statutory speed limit of 25km/hr. This means that there is no resistance when pedalling so pedalling naturally is possible, allowing for lots of flow uphill and downhill.

Both models are equipped with electric bike front lights and kick stands as standard. Mounting points for mudguards and luggage carriers allow for trouble-free retrofitting increasing suitability for daily use.

Technical Highlights


Removable, rechargeable battery with a total output of 648 Wh paired with the Brose Drive S motor with great efficiency and improved temperature management

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Integrated E-Bike front lighting system with remote

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Beleuchtung mit Fernbedienung

Bequemes einschalten der Fahrradbeleuchtung vom Lenker aus.

Brose Drive S

Natürliches Pedalieren ohne Tretwiderstand

Integriertes Cockpit

Mit innen verlegten Kabeln und Bloks 14D Display inkl. Connect C Modul

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