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A downhill bike for everyone who likes to bike without shuttles and lifts. The R.G+ comes with 27.5" wheels and 200 mm chassis and a 500 Wh integrated power unit made from carbon with integrated shock absorber attachment on the drive. The 100% decoupled Brose drive system does not generate any additional resistance after cutting out and allows light pedalling. Individually adjustable levels of support as per your personal preferences - from very efficient to an extremely powerful mountain bike. The new XLS chassis is specially aligned to the FOX X2 Air shock absorber and the anti-squat is optimised to the higher chain hoist of an electric drive. The MSH I headset allows 3 adjustments to the steering tube angles so that the dynamic characteristics of the bike can be set according to individual requirements. The newly developed Multiple Dropout Inlay (MDI III) inserts allow the chain stay length to be changed so that adaptations specific to body size can be carried out and riding dynamics can be changed. The R.G+ also has integrated cable routing for the lowerable seat post and offers a tyre clearance up to 27.5 x 2.6.

Technical Highlights

Hydroformed aluminium frame

Lighter, safer and more durable frame due to perfectly dimensioned wall thickness and less welds at stress points reduce faultiness

Learn more about aluminium

Modular Headset I (MHS I)

3-way adjustable head tube angle through individual headsets (0° and +/- 1,5°) for adjustable riding characteristics

Find out more about our Modular Headset I technology

ROTWILD XLS suspension setup with 200 mm of travel

Designed around FOX X2 Air shock, perfectly tailored to engine capability, high level of responsiveness, high end progression

More about kinematics

MDI III (Multiple Dropout Inlay III)

Simple re-configuration of the bike by changing the chain-stay length for more flexibility and fun through Trail and Traction options

More about MDI
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