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Voluntary product recall: R.E375 and R.X375

ADP Engineering GmbH has decided to voluntary recall the R.X375 and R.E375 models of the 2021 model year.


Winterbiken / Technik

Bike care for winter biking: Four handy tips for year-round bikers

Many passionate cyclists are in the saddle all year round, either because they cycle to work in all weathers or because they actively use their mountain bike for sport and fitness in winter too.



How to prepare your bike for winter storage: These 4 handy tips ensure that your eMTB also remains in top condition when you store it over winter

Are you considering giving your mountain bike a well-earned rest in winter and ‘overwintering’ it in your basement or garage? Our four recommendations about how to correctly store your bike will help,...



You can find ROTWILD bikes only at qualified and certified shops. Apart from E-MTBs and E-Bikes, our dealers themselves are the most important component of an excellent customer satisfaction.

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You need to know what you want to conquer the world. The R.E375 follows an extreme geometry approach with a 63.5° steering angle and long reach, which guarantee outstanding control, especially at high speeds.


All Mountain

Flexible in wheel size, rear suspension and headset, our mulifunctional X models can ride anything from trail to traction.

ROTWILD All Mountain


Fearlessly conquering unfamiliar, challenging terrain at high speed. Attacking each obstacle with confidence and overcoming them with ease. Eyes on the ideal racing line at all times.

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Big Mountain

With the R.X750 models we bring you a new category of Big Mountain bikes, which deliver an MTB experience never seen before with tremendous elevation gains introducing new dimensions.

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ROTWILD Engineering

Hard data, virtual tools and computer aided design form the basis for all our development work.

Engineering is our fortitude

Cross Mountain

Whether you’re on a hometrail or going off the beaten the track, it’s all about having fun. Maybe not always flying high, but always trying out different things.

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ROTWILD Testcenter

Find the right bike for your needs by trying different ROTWILD models. Our test centers have a selection of at least six ROTWILD test bikes of the current model year ready for you.

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In 1996, following various development contracts in the bicycle industry, ADP Engineering GmbH, headquartered in the southern German town of Dieburg, established the ROTWILD bicycle brand.

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