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Front and rear derailleur: "Shimano Deore XT M8000“

Outstanding features of the new DEORE XT M8000 rear derailleur are its shallow slant angle and extremely flat profile. This means low shifting forces, improved chain stabilization and precise yet...

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Benedikt Hilger about the partnership between Mercedes-AMG and ROTWILD

Richie Schley Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes AMG and ROTWILD are joined by a long lasting partnership. We wanted to know more about the background of the joint forces and talked to Benedikt Hilger, Manager Brand Cooperations /...

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5 Superfoods for a quick recovery and more power

Superfood Beeren für mehr Leistung

Besides the continuous training on our bikes our nutrition habits do have a significant influence on our fitness and health. Food shall provide energy to our body but also provide nutrition to...

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Brose Software Update 3.6

The software update provides noticeable benefits for the rider.

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